Oskar with a K

Oskar with a K

£500.00 — On sale

Manchester Street Artist

Dimensions H 1.9m W 1.2m

Bids start at £300, please send offers to [email protected]

Oskar is a muralist and designer based in Manchester, England. He began creating large-scale work in his early teens as a graffiti writer. Decades on, and this passion for producing public art has blossomed into a full-time creative career.
Stylistically, Oskar’s background in graffiti is blended with his formal graphic design training, resulting in what he would describe as graphic design unhindered by scale. Working collaboratively is also an important part in his practice, whether that be collaborating with other artists, or delivering mural workshops.
Oskar is passionate about working in public spaces, engaging fully with those around him and contributing to a world in which art and design is implicit to our cityscapes.