C. Weaver aka Rezones - Greater together we are NYC

C. Weaver aka Rezones - Greater together we are NYC

£500.00 — On sale

New York Street Artist

Dimensions H 1m W 2.4m

Bids start at £300, please send offers to [email protected]

C Weaver aka REZONES aka one half of the dynamic duo known as BOOGIEREZ is a self taught visual artist. Starting out in the early 80’s with graffiti art... The platform eventually brought him to graphic design, which transitioned to graphic design which eventually led him to photography.his primary sources of inspiration are his life’s experiences as well as his environment. pulling heavily from his trials and tribulations as a youth growing up in Long Island, Brooklyn, New Jersey and Poughkeepsie. Then folding in his love for hip hop as well as it’s connecting elements (sci-fi anime, martial arts and comic books) he’s been able to craft works that are oddly familiar but at the same time strikingly different.
As a team, WE ARE BoogieREZ!!! A Dynamic duo that TRULY lives life to the fullest, and we CAN'T STOP,WON'T STOP CREATING! HEAVILY inspired by the culture of HIP HOP and all the incredible people that cross our path on a daily basis. Our studio is a blend of music, photography, illustration, painting, graphic design, dance, fashion design, sculpture and whatever else we can get our hands on. We like to get down & dirty with the business, and our brains are always brewing with ideas. Our mission is to share our love of creativity and ill visuals with the WORLD. To Inspire, to Impact and Empower one another while having hella FUN time together though our growth, challenges and experiences.

C Weaver aka Rezones - Keep Rockin
£1,000.00 — Sold out
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